Monthly archives: October 2013

Surf, sail, sleep!

It is already October! This poor blog is the last thing of all to receive an update in my life. So many fun shoots, awesome sailing afternoons, a few fun girls weekends and surf trips, a bunch of gorgeous weddings, and abundance of adorable kiddos in front of my camera. Not to mention the new site I am on the verge of launching! Thanks for stopping by this poor neglected blog, I think I *might* just get a few photos posted soon!

Here’s one quick snap, taken last week by my friend Philip (on my friend Sarah’s phone!) that sort of sums up a bit of the fun side of this year! ¬†That’s me in the middle, with the red and yellow 8’0, surrounded by some of my super talented triathlete, marathon running, health writing, life coaching, and surf and snowboarding girlfriends! ¬† xoxo

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