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Dogs dogs dogs!

This weekend, I paid a visit to my friend Pat at her shop, Little Lucy’s Canine Couture, in Southampton.  I was looking for a little “new baby” present for my friend Judi’s new Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy that I will be photographing tomorrow (photos definitely to come!).  Pat had the cutest figurines on the counter – these are not really my taste, but I fell in love anyway!  The cutest part- they come with an even smaller miniature pendant on a chain!  You can see the mini on the Chihuahua!  So adorable!

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A few of my favorite things

Yes, I do love shoes!  And wedding shoes?  Even better!

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Finding the perfect dress

When I was searching for a wedding dress, I thought the whole process was deeply flawed. As women, we are expected/encouraged to pour through all kinds of bridal magazines and to obsess about the perfect dress. When it finally is your turn, you go to a salon and somehow it becomes about the salesperson trying to hurry you into a decision. The most expensive garment most of us will ever wear, and we are pushed, pulled and prodded into making decisions quickly. Its an emotional purchase, you stand in your underwear in front of strangers, and your ‘entourage’ (if you bring one) unhelpfully blurts out whatever random word association crosses their mind. Add to it the pressure about whatever shape your body is in or where you’d like it to be, and oh, P.S. no photos allowed unless you buy the dressl Its a bizarre scenario, and while the thought of dress shopping was one of my favorite things, the actuality of it was almost depressing.

One of my newly engaged friends is about to embark on this dress-seeking journey, and the advice I give to her and all my brides: go alone for a couple of appointments until you get to know what style/silhouette suits your body and personal style best, and then bring your mom or friends for help with a final selection. Be strong, and never commit to buy until you’ve gotten a few appointments under your belt AND some time to sleep on your decision.

Pardon me while I go drool over the new Vera Wang app on my iPad now!  🙂

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Album in progress…

I love this photo of Catter shopping for cheese at Murray’s in Grand Central, before rocking the night away on day two of her whirlwind wedding/party weekend. This image didn’t make the cut for the album I’m presently designing, but I love the potential stories it could be telling, in just one image.

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Big Bad Carmen

Bad Panther Carmen Strikes!

In a spontaneous moment of goofing off with Carmen, our beloved 18 year old cat, Brian picked up the video camera and started rolling. I still laugh out loud watching this.  I think 2000 or more of the hits the vid has received are from us watching.  Oh dear.

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Let’s take a peek

Cutie pie indeed! Aiden's is but one of the many adorable little faces adorning the Cutie Pies section of portraits on my new website!

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New year, new name, newlywed!

And this is my new blog. First time ever. Hello. And welcome.


(Please bear with me as I learn the ropes on this exciting new voyage!)

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