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Cardon Adventure Resort, Celestino, Mexico

For Thanksgiving, Brian and I took off to Mexico for surf, rest, relaxation, & margaritas. We stayed at the amazing Cardon Adventure Resort on the recommendation of our friend and shaper, Chris Birch. A resort with only eight guestrooms, we were at the tail end of the high season, and we had the entire place to ourselves, including the perfect left hand point break out front. We could check the waves without even getting out of bed!  We also were able to help release baby turtles back into the ocean – the eggs had been saved from poachers and allowed to hatch safely in a program in the town of Celestino, sponsored in part by the Mexican government and also Cardon Resort. Helping these little guys scramble down the beach and swim off through the shore break was breathtaking!

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Boots has his blog debut!

It has been a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel spring!  First Lulu, now Boots, making his big blog and website debut. Boots is the proud ‘big brother’ to Baby Ella, who charmed us a few days ago with her sweetness and beautiful eyes.

Boots had some concerns about showing off his best side, knowing the competition was pretty tight between him and Ella. I assured him that, despite the lack of designer clothes, rock music, and catered lunch at his photo shoot, that his images would come out magazine-ready!  Look out Vogue, step aside InStyle!  Here comes Boots, and he has a few tongue tricks to show off!

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Ella, sneak peek!!!

Ella was a model baby today for our first shoot. She was tiny at birth, a mere 4lbs +, so just nearing 4 months, she’s still petite, lovely and dainty! She smiled through the whole session, making us all laugh this afternoon! She was an absolute delight to photograph.

Ella’s parents, Bobby and Andrea, were one of my favorite weddings in 2010, and I was thrilled to finally stop by and meet their latest addition!  I have to say, surfer parents are the most chill kind there are!  We had a great afternoon catching up and laughing at Ella’s sweet expressions and funny faces!  (Ella’s “brother” Boots, a charming Cavalier King Charles, is also vying for a spot on my furry friends page after today’s shoot!)

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Definition of cute? Zack!

At the risk of turning my blog into an episode of cuteness overload, may I present Zack? On a rainy day in Brooklyn, he happily met a new puppy (see Lulu’s post below) and sampled some of her toys (sorry Zack, but you KNOW your parents will be showing the dog bone photos at your some-day rehearsal dinner for your wedding! Its inevitable!)


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Welcome Lulu!!

Judi invited me over to meet Lulu, her 10 week old Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy. We were all melting!  Lulu has three speeds: playing wildly, snuggling sweetly, and fast asleep!

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Dogs dogs dogs!

This weekend, I paid a visit to my friend Pat at her shop, Little Lucy’s Canine Couture, in Southampton.  I was looking for a little “new baby” present for my friend Judi’s new Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy that I will be photographing tomorrow (photos definitely to come!).  Pat had the cutest figurines on the counter – these are not really my taste, but I fell in love anyway!  The cutest part- they come with an even smaller miniature pendant on a chain!  You can see the mini on the Chihuahua!  So adorable!

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A few of my favorite things

Yes, I do love shoes!  And wedding shoes?  Even better!

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Album in progress…

I love this photo of Catter shopping for cheese at Murray’s in Grand Central, before rocking the night away on day two of her whirlwind wedding/party weekend. This image didn’t make the cut for the album I’m presently designing, but I love the potential stories it could be telling, in just one image.

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Let’s take a peek

Cutie pie indeed! Aiden's is but one of the many adorable little faces adorning the Cutie Pies section of portraits on my new website!

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